About Duncan Bury Consulting

In pursuit of new career opportunities and after 15 years as a federal public servant and 15 years working with municipalities, Duncan Bury formed Duncan Bury Consulting in 2010 to contribute to the planning and implementation of strategies for the enhanced diversion of wastes from disposal and to support the continuing development of environmental stewardship and producer responsibility.

Reducing waste quantities and advancing environmentally sound management, waste diversion and sustainable consumption and production are challenges that confront governments, corporations and non-governmental organizations.

Duncan Bury Consulting is available to help provide the vision and the skills to advance these agendas, to wage the war on waste and to support shifts towards a more sustainable economy and environment. Honest independent assessment of needs and objectives based on wide experience and understanding can help clients advance their agendas.

Duncan Bury Consulting is the sole proprietorship of Duncan Bury.